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About Jessica Noel


At an early age, I became aware of my spiritual gifts and connection to the spirit world. As a young adult, I began embracing, developing, and expanding them. Even as a child, I understood my role and mission was to help others and alleviate suffering in this world in as many ways as possible. I have received formal education and training, developed abilities, and been given gifts, all of which I utilize to help people in multiple ways. Every person is unique and has their own path, so I offer multiple services and use a blend to meet each person where they are and offer them what they are in need of. I have a variety of different methods and tools to help you with anything you need support with emotionally, physically, and spiritually/energetically 

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University and a Masters of Social Services Administration (MSSA-similar to MSW) degree from Case Western Reserve University. I have served in a variety of clinical settings as a professional licensed counselor, including the longest number of years running the outpatient program at Amethyst, Inc., which is a treatment center for women with an integrative focus. I did a great deal of trauma-focused treatment, addiction treatment, and anxiety/stress management. In addition, I started a Reiki program at Amethyst, and research showed numerous benefits, improvements, and a better overall response to our therapeutic interventions. 


I am a certified Karuna and Usui Reiki Master-Teacher and the founder of Multi-Dimensional Healing. I have been teaching and providing healing for 15 years. I am also an ordained minister through two different spiritual organizations, spiritual counselor, ordained member of Reiki World Ministry, as well as a Certified Yoga Teacher through training from Balanced Yoga University.

Multi-Dimensional Healing is a modality I received through prayer and meditation on how I could best serve others through my healing work. It is a very powerful modality addressing the whole person and healing and balancing the many different energetic layers (physical, emotional, mental, and causal body). Click here to read more.

Having experienced profound states of Self/God Realization, my mission is to help others heal and release, transform, and free themselves from all that is limiting and covering up their true authentic selves (soul selves), so that they can have direct powerful spiritual experiences. It is in direct experience that limitations and doubts dissolve and knowing is attained and instilled.

I believe that the goal of life is to learn, grow, heal, and evolve spiritually and that challenges in life can serve as catalysts for transformation and spiritual evolution. They are ultimately the pathway to greater awareness, joy, happiness, love, and bliss, but you have to allow them to be that. Challenges are purposeful and are often here for us to acknowledge, heal, and release what no longer serves us. I believe we can choose to use our experiences to learn, evolve, and grow and then use what we have learned to help others who cross our path. Service to one another is Love in action.

I hope to meet you soon and support you on your life path. 

With Love,


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