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Receive Healing for alleviation of physical, emotional, and mental concerns. More details can be found here.

I will help you process challenges and discover and unlock the root of these challenges or feelings of being stuck, which creates understanding, perspective shifts, and behavioral and emotional changes. In addition, we can discuss your unique gifts, whether they be spiritual or in the material world and how to best utilize them in your life. Some people use these as a spiritual advancement or psychic development session.

While others use this as an alternative to traditional therapy or in some cases an addition. In my experience, this is a highly effective form of therapy, as we can discuss, process, and come to a place of insight and shifting your perspective in areas of your life that you desire improvement or change or are feeling frustrated or other negative emotions about. More details can be found here.

Ask questions about any aspect of your life situation and receive spiritual guidance. More details can be found here.


More details can be found here.


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